Our Strategy:

A Healthy Church in Every Barangay


Stages of church planting

  1. Pre-entry stage: we develop a team; study the culture/subculture and situation of each city which will be the basis of our strategy; equip our team and church family; meet with local churches; equip local churches

  2. Entry stage: we enter and connect with the community;

  3. Evangelism stage: we prayerfully share the gospel

  4. Discipleship stage: we disciple new believers

  5. Church planting stage: we lead new believers to self-identify and covenant together as a local church; teach biblical ecclesiology; we partner or equip existing evangelical churches in reaching their neighborhood

  6. Leadership development: we develop leaders who can effectively lead and equip the flock; begins simultaneously with the discipleship and church planting stages.



Implement training and mentorships toward community engagement, disciple-making, leadership training, and church health.


Lead research of municipalities and barangays to discover socio-economic demographics, presence and state of the church, cultural characteristics, needs, bridges to the gospel, and other data that will help catalysts develop a strategic plan for making disciples in municipalities and barangays.


Finding “empty spaces”, potential partners, opportunities for building “bridges,” community exegesis (environment/cultural needs). Building relationships and partnerships with community leaders (projects).


Plant Bible Study groups (home, business, school, etc.) that will/may grow into churches


Build and sustain prayer networks, prayer events, and prayer pipelines

IT and Communications

Build and maintain digital platforms; be the ”voice” of Light of the City, maintain lines of communication, promote events, message integrity and congruence


Security supplies, materials, transportation, human resources to carry out the work